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Helping Humanity is our overriding goal.

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What is Connecting Consciousness?

Connecting Consciousness (CC) is a grass roots organization where people join who recognize, that the development on this planet is not always aligned with the benefit of mankind, that global events are also embedded into other contexts than they are generally presented, and that the forces acting behind the visible level often have more dimensions than are superficially apparent.

In CC we share spiritual values, the desire to see this planet with all it’s beings and beyond in freedom, peace and health by taking an active role, connected by a unifying consciousness and the effort to raise awakening and awareness, ensure as much light as possible as well as a high frequency. All this at any stage

  • undogmatic
  • spiritually nourishing
  • mentally inspiring
  • emotionally supportive

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Helping Humanity is our overriding goal. 

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